Family-Friendly Technology for the Future

The newest in toys, tools, and TVs

By The Editors at Techlicious

Our editorial partners at Techlicious, the site that makes tech simple, is always up-to-date on the latest in family-friendly technology. From advancements in toys to forward-looking features for televisions to a simple baby scale app, they cover every aspect of personal devices for adults and children, both. Now, Techlicious is sharing some of their newest insights with readers, so you can remain as current as the pace of technology itself.

The Future of Toys
Wow tech-savvy grandkids with these three interactive playthings.
Apps and augmented reality, ahoy! »

The Future of Television
TV is about to get smarter and prettier. Yep, prettier.
What innovations should you look for? »

]A Handy Health App
Weigh your grandbaby anytime.
No doctor needed »


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