6 New Ways to Connect With Your Grandkids

Outside-of-the-box ideas to connect with loved ones this September

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National Grandparents Day happens every September, but grandparents and families shouldn’t limit the celebration to just one day a year. Instead, use this holiday to try new ways of connecting with family that can last year round.

Teach Your Grandkids About Something You Love

The best things in life only get better with age. Give your grandchildren a glimpse of the things you cherish by introducing them to the games, music and movies you loved growing up. They’ll love experiencing something outside of their every day, and you’ll get to pass your passions on.

Let Your Grandkids Teach You Something

After you’ve shared a lesson or two, it’s your turn to be the student. Your grandchildren are growing up in a time of amazing new opportunities, technology and entertainment. Show them how important it is to never stop learning – and pick up a few new tricks yourself – by asking them to share the things they’re passionate about.

Host Your Family

Grandkids will love a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s, and your kids will be grateful for the night off. Work together to find a time when your grandchildren can visit. This would also be a wonderful chance to share some of those retro games and movies.

Play Games Together Online

Don’t let distance put a damper on game night! Grandkids and grandparents can play virtually. Downloading and playing is simple with today’s smartphones and affordable phone plans. Try TracFone– they offer a no-nonsense 30-day smartphone-only plan with talk, text and data for just $15 a month – all on the largest 4G LTE networks, so you’ll have plenty of savings left over to spoil the grandkids. There are no activation or cancellation fees, so you can change your no-contract plan as often as needed, without penalties. Learn more at https://get.tracfone.com.

Make a Daily Photo Album

When family members live far away, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on what’s new in their lives. It’s easy to forget to call one another and share life’s ups and downs. To help bridge this gap, make digital scrapbooks and schedule a call once a month to exchange your albums with each other. Voilà – an entire month’s worth of memories to catch up on in one place!

Schedule a Weekly Dinner

Sure, it’s easy to sit down to enjoy a meal together as family if you all live nearby, but for some families, that’s not possible. Luckily, technology makes it easy to share life’s experiences without being in the same place. Take turns choosing a recipe, and pick a date for everyone to make it (mom and dad can assist the little helpers). At the end of the meal, write a review of the food - what steps were easy or hard, which part was your favorite - and send to one another to see if your experiences were similar. If grandma and grandpa are tech savvy, try video chatting while you create and enjoy your recipes to make it feel like you’re dining together!


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