10 Creative Ideas for Long-Distance Grandparents

Stay on their minds with these fun and easy activities for long-distance grandparents.

By Sharon Lovejoy
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Last summer my son and family visited us from Colorado. We live in Pa. We were camping and my 6 year old grandson had a special stuffed dolphin that he slept with. They forgot to take it home when they left, so I continued to take the dolphin camping with us. I'd send him pictures of the dolphin's adventures when we went camping...looking out the camper window to see the pretty trees, sitting at the picnic table, by the pond, riding in the truck, etc. He was excited to get the pictures and when I sent out the next package of goodies to him, I included the dolphin saying that he wanted to go home now. Fun for both of us!

Layla'sNana on 2017-08-17 08:02:19

I was frustrated trying to video chat with my 6 mos old granddaughter living out of state. As theatrical as I was, she was not interested in looking at a face on a screen. Thus the creation of FaceFun.biz A kit including specially designed books, learning tools and toys. Use of stories is progressive with instructions included for children 6 mos to 2 - 3 years; when the child can carry on a simple conversation. Additional stories can be purchased and are available in English and Spanish. I was really excited by this because it really helps to build that long distance relationship!! Check it out!

service@partypower.biz on 2015-04-25 10:36:51

multiple birthday cards great idea. I've done this for years mostly because just one card rarely says all I want to say, also getting more difficult to find "age" cards

mcoyewole@att.net on 2015-01-28 10:01:39

Great list from a great site!! I co-founded a company called GrandBox that helps people stay connected with their older loved ones. Please take a look here: http://www.mygrandbox.com/

andypapier@mygrandbox.com on 2014-10-15 22:07:36

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