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Safety tips and guidelines you need to know to protect your grandchildren and loved ones.

Risky Play Is Good for Child Development

By Sara Schwartz | Safety

Activities like tree-climbing and rough-housing may make you nervous, but a new study says they're great for kids' health.

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Why Overprotecting Kids Is Bad for Their Health

By Kristen Sturt | Safety

You think you're making them safe. Really, you're doing irreparable harm. Learn why we believe kids are in constant danger, and what to do about it.

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Essential Items for Your Family Emergency Kit

By Sara Schwartz | Safety

The American Red Cross and FEMA recommend having these items on-hand during an emergency to protect yourself and any kids in your care.

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Is Your Grandchild Being Sexually Abused?

By Andrea Atkins | Safety

Grandparents worry about their grandkids. And sexual abuse is a worry that crosses every grandparent's mind. Most kids are safe, but it's important to know the signs.

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Texting While Driving: A Dangerous Teen Trend

By Christina Couch | Safety

Help young drivers stay safe by arming them with the facts about distracted driving.

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9 Toxic Household Products That Look Like Candy

By Jessica Dysart | Safety

These pretty swirled tablets and brightly colored liquids look good enough to eat. The problem: kids can get their hands on them and do just that.

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Water Safety: Could You Spot a Drowning Child?

By Ellen Breslau | Safety

If you think drowning involves failing arms and cries for help, you're 100% wrong. Read on for the symptoms and signs.

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5 Ways to Protect Children from Predators

By Ashley Neglia | Safety

From behavioral cues to red flags, learn what to look for to keep your grandkids safe.

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5 Signs Your Grandchild Is Being Bullied

By Carolina Pichardo | Safety

It isn't always obvious. Know what to look for and how to protect your grandkids.

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5 Golden Rules for Using Car Seats Safely

By Winnie Yu | Safety

Whenever kids are in your car, they need to be in the right seat

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