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Learn how to keep grandkids safe on the athletic field, what sports are right for them, and more.

The Ultimate Grandparents' Guide to Football Season 2013

By The Editors | Sports

Celebrate 2013's football season with touchdown-worthy recipes, activities, and more.

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6 Most Dangerous Sports for Kids

By Andrea Atkins | Sports

More kids than ever before are playing organized sports, and the rates of serious injury are skyrocketing.

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5 Benefits of Youth Sports

By Felisa Billet | Sports

Kids gain skills on—and off—the field when they play organized sports. See what they learn and how you can help.

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Get Started Biking With Your Grandchildren

By Marcy Black | Sports

Cycling is a skill you never forget. Now you can share it with your grandchildren

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Kayaking With My Grandchildren

By Joe Byer | Sports

The "Old Paddler" starts with a single boat and winds up with an armada of kayaks for three generations of paddlers.

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Simmer Down on the Sidelines

By Orrin Schwarz | Sports

Jeering has gotten so obnoxious at some youth games that coaches are calling for silent sidelines. What gives?

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Take A Hike (No, Really!)

By Beth D'Addono | Sports

Explore trails with your grandchildren to foster a sense of togetherness.

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Get Started Kayaking With Your Grandchildren

By Marcy Black | Sports

Advice for novice paddlers from the expert kayaker who wrote the book, literally

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