Fuzion Carbon Scooter

By Chris Byrne

Fuzion Carbon from Nextsport is the latest innovation in scooter design, fusing the best of skateboards and scooters for the ultimate high performance ride. Designed with a sleek carbon finish, high-tech steel frame and articulated rear truck, Fuzion Carbon is the ultimate trick scooter — allowing you to carve on a dime, grind a ledge, catch air, or bust the perfect 360. The high tech steel frame has a sleek carbon finish, and it’s patented steering and articulated rear section allow for superior handling and great turns. It can take riders up to 175 pounds. (Though some of our more athletic, adult testers who weigh 200-plus had no trouble at all riding it.)

Why it’s fun
This has an incredibly smooth ride, great manipulative features, and the security of a scooter handle. You can get a decent amount of speed going, and of course, the ability to do tricks — or practice them — is a strong appeal.

Who’s going to love it
We found that boys and girls liked this equally. Girls in particular were really pleased with the scooter design and the added feeling of security that the handle gave them.

Both genders liked the speed, and the ease of steering with just a lean of the body.

What grandparents should know
This is certainly a product for older kids who have the physical development and the confidence to ride this kind of equipment.

Ideally, you should have a secure place where kids can ride or a sidewalk where they can be away from any traffic.

What to be aware of
For equipment of this type, proper head, elbow, and knee protection is required.


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