Lanny Sherwin: Meltdown

By Mike Ayers

Award-winning kid’s musician Lanny Sherwin’s Meltdown is the California-based artist’s fifth album, which  features mostly Jimmy Buffett-style arrangements that are fun and energetic, and pairs them with inspirational lyrics. Songs like "Let’s Hear It for the Little Guy" and "Your Mountain is Waiting" work toward boosting self-esteem and the album-opener "This is Not a Guitar" describes the way the venerable instrument can actually transport little ones' imaginations through song composition. Parents and grandparents will secretly revel in the title track "Meltdown," as Sherwin explains that a kid’s tantrum throws an entire day "out of whack." A quick guide on how kids can overcome their emotions is the thrust of that song: counting to ten, yelling into a pillow, or banging a drum. As an album, Meltdown exceeds at being fun while giving kids something to think about — even if they don’t know it.


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