The Mouse and the Motorcycle

A most unlikely friendship and a mouse-sized toy motorcycle

By Betty Woodward

The story chronicles the friendship that develops between a young boy, Keith, and a mouse, Ralph, when they share a shiny, red toy motorcycle. The comradeship blossoms during the few days that Keith’s family resides in the hotel where Ralph the Mouse and his family live. Since the boy and mouse can somehow communicate — yep, like any endearing Disney character, this little rodent talks — Keith grows to adore the adventurous Ralph. In turn, Ralph is crazy for Keith’s mouse-size motorcycle.

When Keith allows Ralph to use the motorcycle at night, the little mouse finds the freedom of which he's always dreamed. He soon learns that with freedom comes making choices, and some exciting escapades.

It’s a terrific chapter book: funny, imaginative, and in spots, a real cliff-hanger. Will Keith forgive Ralph for losing his motorcycle? Will someone find it? Will Ralph survive his journey to the lobby in search of aspirin for Keith?


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