Pumgo Scooter

By Phoebe Assenza

Winter-weary grandchildren planning outdoor acitvities might have the Pumgo Scooter, a high-end, inventive set of wheels, on their summer wish lists. The Pumgo has a foot-pumping action similar to a StairMaster. When a rider pushes its two pedals up and down, the three-wheel scooter is propelled forward. And just like a bike, the faster the rider pedals, the faster the Pumgo goes. The scooter also boasts a fold-up design, though it may be too heavy and bulky for most grandchildren to carry. Its real value lies in its thrilling combination of fun, transport, and outdoor physical activity.


The Pumgo will be available this spring on pumgo.com. See the other scooters, bikes, and trikes that we found at Toy Fair 2009, and more outdoor toy picks.


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