You & Your Grandkids Top Stories

Fun ideas and tips to get the most out of your relationship with your grandkids.

8 Surprising Things About Becoming a Grandparent

By Marc Silver, Next Avenue | You & Your Grandkids

Becoming a grandparent changes your life for the better

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6 Ways to Play With Your Grandchildren

By Julie Pfitzinger, Next Avenue | You & Your Grandkids

Fun and creative ways to build family memories with your grandchildren

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Start a DIY Project With Your Grandchildren

By Beth D'Addono | You & Your Grandkids

Make memories and build valuable skills by doing household tasks together

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The Right Way to Leave a Legacy

By Julie Hall | You & Your Grandkids

Navigate issues of inheritance and preserve precious memories

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The 9 Unwritten Rules of Grandparenting

By Kristen Sturt | You & Your Grandkids

Abide by these handy guidelines, and your grandparenting experience will always be a breeze.

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When You Hate What They Play With

By Paul Rogers | You & Your Grandkids

Grandkids may love their new toys, but what can you do if you disapprove?

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Generational Differences: 8 Things Your Grandkids Don't Do

By Kristen Sturt | You & Your Grandkids

You're Boomers. They're Gen Z. Times have changed, and the generational differences are fascinating.

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How to Communicate With Teens About Tough Issues

By Sally Stich | You & Your Grandkids

Learn the best ways to help grandkids in their tweens and teens who are anxious about school shootings, terrorism, sexual violence, and bullying.

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9 Things You Shouldn't Say to Grandkids

By Sara Schwartz | You & Your Grandkids

They may seem harmless but experts say these comments can do a lot of damage to child development.

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9 Best Things About Being Close With Your Grandkids

By Beverly Beckham | You & Your Grandkids

Whether you live near or far, it's the little things that make being close so special.

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