8 Great Ways To Surprise Your Grandkids

When they least expect it, make the kids' day with one of these creative ideas

By Bethany Kandel
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For me Skyping is a much better experience than facetime. Facetime was very choppy and there were serious delays, making it hard to keep a conversation going. Even with facetiming or Skyping you still need to set up good times to do it with the parents of your grandchildren or that will be seen as an intrusion on their busy lives (and they are busy). They won't forget you - you are their grandparent. If you knew everytime you are mentioned or thought about, you would feel better but likely you will never really know that so you just have to be content to know that it is happening. Do one of those recordable books (one, not 20) and send it to them or send them a memory stick with pictures of you so they can look at them on their computer and maybe they can do the same and send to you.

Crosbie on 2014-06-14 09:33:53

You have to remember that kids are busy these days - probably even busier than we ever were. You have to think of ways to be involved without being pushy and don't expect a response most of the time but it will be noticed (also, don't go overboard with gifts because you will just be that much more disappointed when you don't get a response). I send my grandkids home-made cards; not ones that I expect to be put in a box somewhere but ones that I hope they will colour on, cut, or whatever they want to do with. They never acknowledge that they receive them (that's more up to the parents who are also busy) but I know they love getting them and that has to be good enough. Find out what interests your grandchild, if you don't know, and do something along that theme or start something new where you do something that interests "you" and share it with them. Last card I sent involved endangered animals and I sent a small book along with it and a bookmark. This won't be a regular thing but once in awhile thing. Don't inundate them with things and learn to grow with them and don't keep sending Mickey Mouse colouring pages when they are 15, unless they like that, of course. Keep in touch and they will remember you. Unless you actually live with them (which has its own challenges, I am sure) you won't be that involved but it's okay. Live your own life and keep in touch. My grandfather used to write me letters letting me know what him and my grandmother were doing, probably every 3 months, and I treasured his letters. Nothing in it but words and I loved it. He would tell me how they met and other things and I thought it was very interesting. When I was younger, I remember him and my grandmother coming over and they would bring a big basket of fruit, which we really enjoyed! Make something the "thing that you do". Maybe you tell them stories, maybe you write stories, maybe you draw, or maybe you just tell them little tidbits about your life; kids enjoy hearing what life was like before technology and I am sure we all have stories to tell.

Crosbie on 2014-06-14 09:09:38

I wonder if any other grandmother has the same experience as me. I have a 17 year old grand-daughter who has spent a lot of time at our home. We picked her up from school several days a week and fed her until she had a car about eighteen months ago. We are about 15 minutes from her school but now we never see her or hear anything from her. She has never driven here in her car. She doesn't return my emails or texts which are just cheerful ones maybe once a week, saying 'Hi' etc.I invite her here but she has not been to pick up her Christmas present. i invited her to go shopping with me but heard nothing. I wonder what we are doing wrong or is it just what a teenage girl does these days?

Jaman_j@hotmail.com on 2014-01-06 16:04:29

4umema should learn to use Skype too! That's how I keep in touch with my three granddaughters in Singapore, and another granddaughter and grandson in Florida. If I didn't have my weekly Skype visits with them,....I think I would have gone insane by now because I miss them so much! It's better than a letter or phone call, because you are seeing them and talking to them in real time. I love it! And all I have is the free account!

darrigale@gmail.com on 2013-11-12 21:29:21

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