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Everything you need to know about grandkids, from activities to do together, to the best ways to keep them safe, to the latest toys and gifts to buy them.

4 Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Crafts

By Kristen Sturt | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Turn your presents into works of art with these kid-friendly holiday wrapping crafts.

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10 Fun Holidays Gifts for You & Your Grandkids

By Laurie Schacht, aka The Toy Insider Mom | Toys, Books & Entertainment

With these games and toys, everyone can get in on the action.

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The Right Way to Leave a Legacy

By Julie Hall | You & Your Grandkids

Navigate issues of inheritance and preserve precious memories

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The 9 Unwritten Rules of Grandparenting

By Kristen Sturt | You & Your Grandkids

Abide by these handy guidelines, and your grandparenting experience will always be a breeze.

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When You Hate What They Play With

By Paul Rogers | You & Your Grandkids

Grandkids may love their new toys, but what can you do if you disapprove?

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Halloween Jokes for Kids

By The Editors | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Tickle your funny bones this Halloween with these hilarious kids' jokes about witches, vampires, ghosts and more!

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National Grandparents Day—Extend the Celebration All Month!

Long Distance Grandparents

Unique and fun ideas to connect with loved ones this September.

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5 Lessons Kids Need to Learn the Hard Way

By Sally Stich | Discipline & Behavior

Life isn't always rainbows and sunshine — and in some cases, it's okay for kids to experience that for themselves

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Generational Differences: 8 Things Your Grandkids Don't Do

By Kristen Sturt | You & Your Grandkids

You're Boomers. They're Gen Z. Times have changed, and the generational differences are fascinating.

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Favorite Pastimes, Revisited: 10 Retro Activities to Share With Kids

By Donna Freedman | Activities, Games & Crafts

Back in the day, you whiled away the hours playing these imaginative outdoor games. Now, pass your favorite pastimes on to the grandkids.

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Compatibility Horoscope

How well do you get along with your grandchild and other family members? Want to know if your personalities mesh?

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