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Do You Have These Skills to Age Well?

By Debbie Reslock, Next Avenue | Anti-Aging

Some strengths help us roll with the punches easier as we grow older

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Keep 'em Laughing: How Improv Comedy Helps the Older Brain

By Kristen Sturt | Anti-Aging

For seniors, improv comedy keeps minds flexible, creates social opportunities, and inspires pure joy.

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8 Surprising Things That Help You Live Longer

By Marisa Sandora | Anti-Aging

We all want to live a long and healthy life, and recent research suggests there are some things that actually do the trick!

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How to Avoid Hip Injuries After 50

By Linda Melone, CSCS, Next Avenue | Anti-Aging

Reduce your risk of fractures and pain with these tips

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3 Surprising Things That Up Your Dementia Risk

By Beth Levine | Anti-Aging

Recent studies show a link between certain everyday medications and dementia risk.

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Why Are My Hands So Dry?: 4 Ways to Treat Winter Skin

By Kristen Sturt | Anti-Aging

Your hands need extra help during a long winter. Our experts tell you how to prevent and treat dryness and cracks.

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4 Myths About Brain Health and How to Stay Sharp

By Leslie Kernisan, M.D., Next Avenue | Anti-Aging

What your doctor may not know, but you should

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7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Memory

By Sara Schwartz | Anti-Aging

Who doesn’t wish for a razor-sharp memory? Increase your recall with these surprising, everyday activities.

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4 Cities Where People Live the Longest

By Ashley Neglia | Anti-Aging

Places whose populations live to their 90s & beyond—but still look and feel 20 years younger.

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6 Wise Lessons on Aging—From Animals

By Jill Yanish, Next Avenue | Anti-Aging

These amazing creatures can teach us a lot about finding pleasure in life.

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