6 Harmless Habits That Age You

Putting a stop to these daily don'ts could help you look and feel younger.

By Ashley Neglia
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True, most of us already know these things, but it is always good to be reminded! I still rub my eyes and sleep on my side, but when I am reminded, I try, once again, to stop doing those things! I don't think it's only us senior citizens who slack in the "must dos," forget and fall back into the old habits of doing whatever feels the most comfortable at the moment. Even children need to be reminded to brush their teeth, teens need to be reminded to pick up their clothes, and those in early adult and mid life need reminders of all sorts of things! I appreciate this article. Thank you so much, Ashley, for these important reminders!

grandma-gerrie on 2013-03-12 11:04:48

Hello! Quite frankley, I think that the disrespect that some of these comments have given this article, only shows that a few of these people have not learned the heavenly art of 'self-love' that the dear Lord has graciously given us. To tend to one's body and being is a testament to showing the appreciation for what you have been given! But, what about the poor people who have been ill, which many times makes the funds a little to scarse to purchase moisturizers, etc. I think that this article could be just kind of a 'reminder' to people who might be caring for others or helping others and not having the time to think about what is happening to themselves! Sometimes one doesn't have the time to think of themselves and personally, I feel that this article kind of 'refreshes' what we might already know, just haven't taken the time to practice due to circumstances. It's just kind of nice to read about such things! I feel that it is an excellent article! It's never too late to start, if you haven't had the chance to. Thank You Grandparents.com!! O:-)

SuzetteW2 on 2013-02-16 14:25:14

Hilarious!!!!! If you just now have this figured out you may be 50 years old and look 90!!

BigStar on 2013-02-05 20:12:52

I think this is a good article, Keeping yourself healthy keeps you feeling good about yourself. Being a mother and grandmother is an important role model... I want to be the best I can be so that my grandchildren can grow up seeing me care. Maybe there will be a time when they say "Hey, if my grandma can continue to take care of herself, then I can do". Showing self-love teaches self-love.

charlenekaysims@yahoo.com on 2013-02-05 12:52:26

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