What Your Wrinkles Say About Your Health

Wrinkles aren't just annoying for your appearance, they can also signal real underlying health issues.

By Beth Levine
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Well, I guess my college friends from the 60's were right: I'm a "star child" (alien from outer space).
Not only do I have sky-high, uncontrolled blood pressure (doctors have been trying to get it under control for over 20 years), I have done or do most of the things that were in this article (although I am health-conscious - just lazy), and people who don't know me still guess me to be in my mid-to-late 40's (I'm 65). I have no wrinkles anywhere - my friends love to tease me: "I want to talk to you about your wrinkles." [me] "What about them?" [friend] "You don't have any." I have been the butt of many a "Miss Clairol" joke (my hair is still dark brown - I've never colored it). And my teenage grandchildren are constantly remarking on how active I am. I still think like a 20 year-old (and my 42 year old daughter says I act like one, too), and, except for this unexplained blood pressure, the doctors can't find a single thing wrong with me! Just wanted to share. :-)

songstress on 2014-03-06 07:43:22

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