The Best Bra for Your Shape

Knowing your proper bra size is only half the battle. Find the perfect fit for your shape with our fitting guide.

By Elizabeth Burns
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Dear Ladies,
I had to laugh at the three models...surely, they are not Grandmas! Bra shopping is NOT a favorite of mine! I took advantage of Nordstrom's promise to Oprah to help fit any woman with the correct bra. I went, was helped, found a bra I was comfortable in and bought one in beige,white and black! I know Oprah is not on anymore....but a promise is a promise ...and who would turn away business? Good Luck! P.S. I do NOT work for Nordstrom's!!!

Annieappaul on 2013-08-20 15:15:17

After 60 it seems that most of my friends and I have trouble getting a bra to fit comfortably!! I thought all the Ah-h and Genie Bras would do the trick but they all tend to roll up. I want to find a bra expert, but where??? The bands under the breast are the most problem- they roll and are hot. I will check with some bra manufacturer next. Your article was good for the 40 something!

deniseerica on 2013-08-20 12:22:38

Thanks--very helpful! I think I need a 36 Long, but will try these ideas! lol!

futgram on 2013-08-20 12:04:04

Congrats for an excellent article. Despite having had two bra fittings, I never found one that was really and truly comfortable to wear until I read this article. I discovered I have three issues to deal with, and the solutions offered proved the right ones for me. Bless you! on 2013-08-20 11:16:08

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