9 Chic Dresses for Summer Weddings

The most fashionable—and flattering—frocks for all your summer wedding needs.

By Elizabeth Burns
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Who picked out these dresses? By the time one is grandparent most women have "issues". A sheath is tough for many,as are sleeveless dresses. How about some empire waist dresses? Some short-sleeved lace dresses? Jacket dresses? You need to take a survey of female readers, and get their input. ( The prices are pretty high here also.)

Stlona47 on 2014-03-30 17:08:37

Are all other grandmothers between a size 0 and 16? For $170.00 I'd like to see some dresses in sizes 18 to 24. Just because we're larger women doesn't mean we don't have events to attend and the desire to look attractive. Please show some outfits for the women who want to look beautiful in larger sizes.

cymriariana1 on 2013-06-09 14:32:51

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