8 Fashion Mistakes That Age You

Look your best and find trends that work for you with our helpful fashion hints.

By Elizabeth Burns
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I live a in a fairly large mid-western city, but I find that many of your suggestions for clothing choices simply aren't available here (unless they are at the very expensive department stores where I can't afford to shop). I see the same color palette for clothing everywhere I shop. The colors are deep aqua (or light turquioise), bright pink, and orange with the occasional white, red or black. I have seen these same colors for probably the last three to five years all year for every season. I am so sick of seeing the same colors. As you mentioned there are jewel tones which I would love to see for Winter. You have no idea how much I'd like to see different shades of blue and pink. Why buy something new when it looks the same as something I already have. You mentioned Lands End as a source. I used to shop their catalog a lot, but the quality of their fabrics have changed so dramatically that I cannot justify the price for something that is made with cheap fabric. You asked that I abandon my black slacks; love to do so, but trying to find a skirt that is basic like you suggest is just impossible. I feel that my wardrobe meets or beats most of the rest of your suggestions, but it is comprised of "oldies but goodies" accumulated over the years. Couldn't even find a stylist outfit for an "event" this weekend, so it's dust off something old and wear it with a smile! I never wore scarves and I never wore cropped pants or granny glasses or twin sets. My shoes are mid heel as kitten heels make most feet look disproportionate. By the way, has the author actually been in a shoe department recently? Most shoes are 4-5 inch heels many with platform soles. I guess maybe I curious when this article was written, because it seems many of the suggestions you make simply aren't available here and we have most major department stores here. Wonder if anyone else has had the same problems or am I the only one? Thanks for considering my thoughts and opinions.

Mama Cares on 2013-12-17 21:22:38

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