7 Signs That You're a Hoarder

How to tell the difference between being clutter-prone and the obsessive-compulsive disorder known as hoarding.

By Sally Stich
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hoarding is the physical sign that something traumatic has occurred in the person's past.
. be the person was molested/raped. messy divorce, grew up poor, abused in some way(s), etc......
. in order to deal with the hoarding. one must first help the person to deal with the person's past. as in to help heal them of the injury that caused them to hoard. then one can deal with the physical signs in the form of hoarding. otherwise the person will just keep hoarding afterwards.
. because if you don't help the mental issues first. but just remove the hoarding. the person will continue to hoard. and will try to keep it more of a secret than before. because the removal of first pile without the healing, will trigger more mental distress than what caused it in the first place.

Sangelia on 2013-05-08 10:07:10