5 Situations Where You Should Always Apologize

Owning up to your mistake and asking forgiveness is the right thing to do—especially if you do one of these.

By Sally Stich
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I think this is a fabulous article! Especially the places where it says what NOT to say in your (general) apology. So often someone gives what they think is the "perfect" apology, only to be told by the injured party that it wasn't "sincere." That's usually when they add the kind of ifs, ands, buts and other "justifications" that the article cautions against. This issue comes up, frequently in Mothers-in-Law Anonymous and other forums in the Community section (just click on Community at the very top or bottom of this page to check it out). Lack of a needed apology or a poorly-worded one can be a stumbling block it seems to repairing so many relationships.

I was also glad to see that one of the "must" apologies Ms. Stich included is that to a grandchild to whom you've broken a promise. Not only is this important, I feel, b/c you broke your word to someone but b/c, in my opinion, kids need consistency. Also b/c it sets an example - both of the importance of keeping promises and of taking responsibility if, sometimes, you can't. This is especially important if you're a closely involved grandparent but also, I believe, even if you're not. Granted, parents are the main influence in a child's life, unless, perhaps, the grandparents have custody of the grandkids. But, in my opinion, other trusted adults need to model good values, too.

By the way, if you're the frequent or fulltime caregiver for your grandchildren, one of the groups in the Community was specifically created for you - Grandparents Caring for Grandkids. Whether you're raising your grands, helping to raise them or watching them often or for long hours, while the parents work, etc., you may want to check this forum out. Same if your the caregiver for other relative kids. Or if you are a former or soon-to-be caregiver on this level. (All others are welcome, as well, but the main focus of the group is the concerns of GP/relative caregivers.)

rosered135 on 2013-11-26 08:38:36

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