5 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

Want to change a habit? These tips help you guarantee success.

By Sally Stich
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It would be nice IF Grandparents.com would have some more sweepstakes, my husband and I are both on S.S. Disability and is so difficult to obtain supplies for our house for our new grandson and another grandchild on the way.. We just cannot afford to get a crib/play pen, car seat, or high chair - so it would be nice to win it. The other Parent.com sweepstakes a just so hard to win, not to mention that I am having difficulty accessing their sweepstake for the last week with no support - just sent the third e-mail. I know it is the holidays but the first one went out before it even began.

Anyway it would be nice to have Grandparents.com have a few more sweepstakes per year.

Thank you for listening and hope this helps, because I know we are not the ONLY Grandparents out there struggling.

Thank you
Anna H.

holowcast4417 on 2013-01-01 19:09:47