5 Vitamins You Should Probably Take Daily

The real deal on what supplements you should – and should not – be taking for optimal health.

By Beth Levine
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This is actually VERY interesting. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer back in October and less than 1 week ago finished chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I am still going through the side effects of them. I just recently resumed taking my multivitamin, cal/mag/zinc supplement, and vitamin D3. I have noticed a difference in my energy level(s) that WHEN I do take my supplements, it keeps me going for most of the day. I am going to be replacing the multivitamin as I am almost out. And I am also going to be starting B Complex within the next month. I just pray that it's safe to take either with or without my prescriptions as it's necessary for me to take them as well as the supplements.

boobearsnns@gmail.com on 2016-01-27 17:15:46