The Best Way to Get Rid of Foot & Leg Cramps

They can be extraordinarily painful, and you probably don't know how to ease them. Here's what you should know.

By Ellen Breslau
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I used to get cramps in my legs or feet when I swam, but that stopped after I added a magnesium supplement.
My bones are strong, and I already had plenty of calcium, vitamin D, and potassium in my diet.

mjns on 2015-10-16 22:34:48

The FASTEST way to ease leg or foot cramps is cold washcloth or an ice pack. Then you can go with medication and massage for any left over tightness. I had a terrible leg cramp one night and my bedroom had a concrete floor (which are always cold) stepped out of bed onto the concrete and I could immediately feel the muscles in the back of my leg untangling and releasing. This is my go to plan all the time now. So far it has always worked. Please try it. if you are having a lot of leg pain problems due to standing or walking a lot get some arch supports for your shoes. on 2015-10-15 08:17:21

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