9 Surprising Ways to Ward Off Colds and Flu

Washing your hands and getting a flu shot is just the start to keeping nasty germs at bay.

By Linda Rodgers
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Well, I, for one, can do all of these and already do most of them (as well as washing hands and getting a flu shot), except one - staying away from schoolage grandchildren when they have colds! LOL! That's b/c I'm their "nanny granny." I watch them 5 days a week, after school and sometimes, at other points, depending on their mom's/my daughter's work schedule. And if one of them stays home with a bad cold, guess who stays there with them? :- )

If you watch your GC, frequently, or if you're raising or helping to raise them, I invite you to come and talk to us at Grandparents Caring for Grandkids. Same if you're another kind of relative caregiver on that level (aunt, uncle, great-grandmother, etc.). You can find us in the Community section (above), under Grandparenting or by keying in this (simple) link:


Looking forward to meeting YOU! :- )

rosered135 on 2012-10-10 07:44:25

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