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Beat the Winter Blues: Have an Indoor Beach Party

By Lisa Freedman | Birthdays & Celebrations

Beat winter blues with a little summer fun — in your living room.

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Grandkids' Big Book of Christmas Fun!

By The Editors | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Keep the grandkids entertained this holiday with free activity sheets designed just for them!

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Make Your Own Holiday Snowflakes

By Jim Noonan | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Our crafting expert, Professor Figgy, shows you how to make crystal snowflakes with just a handful of household ingredients.

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5 Great Halloween Care Packages

By Tracey Keevan | Holiday Activities & Crafts

If you can't be there to share the tricks, send the kids some great treats

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Halloween Candy: Then and Now

By Kathy Satterfield | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Introduce your old-school treats to the kids, then try their newest favorites

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8 Great Activities for Grandparents Day

By Felisa Billet | Grandparents Day

Try these fun ways to bond with your grandchildren as you celebrate the grandest day of the year!

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Accordion Photo Card

By Meg Gleason | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Celebrate Grandparents Day with this cheerful, multifaceted display, perfect for the holiday.

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11 Steps To Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

By Roger Kimpton | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Linus had a great pumpkin. You can, too.

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Get Them the Gift They Really Want

By Lisa Freedman | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Ideas to make sure your grandchild's face lights up this holiday

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Valentine's Day Candy Posy

By Elizabeth Semrai | Holiday Activities & Crafts

Delight your grandkids with a craft that’s easy to make — and involves candy.

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Compatibility Horoscope

How well do you get along with your grandchild and other family members? Want to know if your personalities mesh?

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