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Jokes for Kids

By From the Editors | Activities, Games & Crafts

Share a laugh with kids with these silly knee-slappers and one-line jokes.

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12 Silly Tongue Twisters to Try Telling

By Zachary Collinger | Activities, Games & Crafts

You and the kids will love trying to wrap your mouths (and brains) around these funny phrases.

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12 Expressions You Can Teach Kids

By Gary Drevitch | Activities, Games & Crafts

Why do we keep up with the Joneses? We've got the stories behind 12 common expressions.

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9 Classic Rhymes You Can Teach Kids

By The Editors | Activities, Games & Crafts

These classic word games will get children laughing (and learning)

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Great Green Jokes for Your Grandchildren

By Elizabeth McCorquodale | Activities, Games & Crafts

Tickle your loved ones - especially kids - with these earth-friendly knee-slappers.

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Funny Poems for Grandparents

By Howard Eisenberg | Activities, Games & Crafts

Poet Howard Eisenberg's ten original grandparent poems about grandma, grandpa, and their grandkids.

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#22 Tell Tongue Twisters

By Rich Thomaselli | Activities, Games & Crafts

A fun, free activity to do with kids is to Tell Tongue Twisters.

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#100 Tell Jokes

By Stewart Coerver | Activities, Games & Crafts

A fun, free activity to do with kids is to each other.

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