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Why Adult Siblings Fight Over Money

By Richard Eisenberg, Next Avenue | Family Finance

Their parents' finances can lead to painful rifts.

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Why Being Distracted at Work Is a Good Thing

By Phyllis Weiss Haserot, Next Avenue | Career

It may give you an edge over younger workers.

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When Retirement Makes You Unhappy

By Deborah Quilter, Next Avenue | Retirement

They retired, but grew antsy — Three stories of "un-retirees"

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What Women 50+ Need to Know About Their Finances

By Gary Foreman, | Saving & Investing

Here's what women should know about managing their money

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Are You Preventing Yourself from Having Your Dream Retirement?

By Matt Fellowes, Next Avenue | Retirement

This new study says some older Americans may be doing just that

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4 Big Risks of Taking Out a Long-Term Car Loan

By Nick Clements, Next Avenue | Saving & Investing

The monthly payment may be low, but the overall cost may be high

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What Does Your Debt Cost You?

By Gary Foreman, | Family Finance

You know debt hurts your finances, but the annual costs may surprise you.

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6 Key Career Strategies for Women of a Certain Age

By Beverly Jones, Next Avenue | Career

Working past challenges can lead to resilience and renewal

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The Best Way to Leave Money to the Grandchildren

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes | Kids & Money

Giving kids and grandkids an inheritance brings a lot of questions with it. Here’s how to leave it—and take care yourself and your family.

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6 Tips for Working With Much Younger Colleagues

By Estelle Erasmus, Next Avenue | Career

Advice from a former "seasoned newbie" who's now a valued mentor

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