10 Great Cities for Over-50 Job Seekers

Boasting high job growth and low unemployment rates, these 10 small-to-huge cities mean great employment opportunities for Boomers.

By Kristen Sturt
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Nowadays there are a lot of work opportunities for people aged over 50, my best friend found recently a good job in Wisconsin even if all of his colleagues are younger than him. He has a lot of work experience and came already with a couple of solutions that the managers liked, they installed time clocks at his proposal and are delighted by the results.

teoredo@gmail.com on 2014-07-30 10:04:06

The Odessa and Midland area is only temporary as it in an oil boom. I am originally from Odessa. There isn't much to do. There are a lot of restaurants, but be prepared for a LONG wait to be seated. Housing prices are kinda high and is hard to come by. Crime is really high! Beware! There are also a ton of illegal aliens lurking about too. It is a very dirty town. We left 30 years ago for the military, saw the world, will NEVER live there again! Could not pay us to! We are forced to go back to visit aging family, but most of them are to the point of selling and leaving Odessa too. A better choice would be Lubbock. Its a great town. Lots to do, clean, Texas Tech and other colleges are in the area, friendly people, good layout of the town, fair housing prices, good job prospects. My father lives there and loves it...he's in his 70's. I'm in Austin, It's a great town too, but much faster paced and a lot younger feel. I'm only 46, but I have 3 grandkids...I choose to live here to be centrally located to family and my college is here, as well as a ton of stuff to go.

paula.l.cook@gmail.com on 2014-03-20 09:57:42

I don't know about the other towns probably right, BUT Ithaca NY is a college town so there are no, if any Seniors that is why the percent is so low

dlov_99@yahoo.com on 2013-09-03 11:07:04

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