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Ideas and resources for giving back, and volunteer opportunities for you and your grandchildren.

Avoid a Charity Scam: 10 Dos and Don'ts of Donating

By Kristen Sturt | Volunteering

Don't get taken by a charity scam. Use these tips to make smart donations to reputable aid organizations this holiday.

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11 Charity Organizations We Love

By The Editors | Volunteering

Looking to give back? These local, national, and global charities are near and dear to our hearts at Grandparents.com.

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How To Get Grandchildren Involved in Charity

By Cindy Richards | Volunteering

'Tis the season to show grandchildren the importance of giving back

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How To Turn Grandchildren into Philanthropists

By Bambi Holzer | Volunteering

When you get kids involved in charity, you give them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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Volunteer All-Stars: 5 Grandparents Who Are Changing Lives

By Gabrielle Karol | Volunteering

These amazing grandparents have devoted their time to helping those in need.

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Invest in Girls, Help the World

By Cindy Rink | Volunteering

Studies have shown that when it comes to money, women are much more likely to find ways to nurture their families and their community.

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9 Non-Financial Ways to Donate to Troops

By Sara Schwartz | Volunteering

Want to help U.S. soldiers? You can donate anything from letters to guitars and cars to buoy their spirits.

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5 Animal Charities You'll Love

By Kristen Sturt | Volunteering

Want to make a child smile AND save the planet? Sponsor an animal from one of these five great charities.

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Why You Should Be Volunteering

By Emily Perlman Abedon | Volunteering

You know it helps your community. Do you know how much it helps you?

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Best Job for Grandparents Who Love Babies

By Sherri Lerner | Volunteering

Cradling the smallest hospital patients is a unique way to volunteer.

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