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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Back to School

By Kristen Sturt | Career

Whether you're rebooting your career or just want to learn something new, your answers to these questions will make your decisions much easier.

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6 Things to Know About EMV Chip Credit Cards

By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, Next Avenue | Family Finance

Why you need to watch your mail and be a patient shopper

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6 Steps You Should Take If You've Lost Your Job

By Ellen Breslau | Career

If you find yourself unhappily unemployed, here's what you can do to move forward.

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Avoid a Charity Scam: 10 Dos and Don'ts of Donating

By Kristen Sturt | Volunteering

Don't get taken by a charity scam. Use these tips to make smart donations to reputable aid organizations this holiday.

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The New Social Security Rules for 2016

By Brian Doherty | Insurance Matters

Social Security expert, Brian Doherty, tells you why maximizing your monthly income just got harder.

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7 Unexpected Items You Can Haggle For

By Paige Estigarribia and Gary Foreman, The Dollar Stretcher | Saving & Investing

Full price? Who needs it! Here's how to negotiate better prices on goods and services you buy every day.

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Self-Imposed Age Discrimination: When You’re Your Worst Enemy

By Jason Dukes, Life Coach, Next Avenue | Career

This life coach says older job seekers and workers limit themselves

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Medicare Monthly Premiums May Rise in 2016

By Beth Levine | Insurance Matters

For certain income groups, Part B premiums might get a lot more expensive in 2016.

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4 Traits of the Happiest Retirees

By Bill Ellermeyer, Next Avenue | Retirement

What this career coach has observed about them

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Understanding Healthcare with Paula Zahn

By The Editors | Insurance Matters

The American Grandparents Association and PBS explore what you need to know about health insurance.

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