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Help Your Grandchildren Get Scholarships

By Veronica Majerol | Education & School

Your associations, ethnicity, or profession can help your family win money for college

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Having the Talk: Teens & Sex

By Andrea Atkins | You & Your Grandkids

When it comes to tackling the issue of teens and sex, you, as a grandparent, can play an important role.

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Teen Drinking Dangers: How You Can Help

By Brittany Hutzel | Discipline & Behavior

With the help of Mothers Against Drunking Driving (MADD), we examine the facts, risks, and real dangers associated with teenage drinking.

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Managing Rude Grandchild Behavior

By Lambeth Hochwald | Discipline & Behavior

Learn constructive ways to respond when your grandteens (or tweens) challenge you with rude behavior.

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Be a Mentor to Your Grandchild

By Kim Styler | Education & School

An expert discusses how you can help grandkids get into college and find jobs

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8 Things Teens Won't Tell You

By Ellen Pober Rittberg | Discipline & Behavior

There are things that teen grandkids won't tell you, but that you need to know

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Help Teens Become Safer Drivers


Sometimes it take a grandparent to convey the rules of the road.

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Having The Body Image Talk

By Paula Silverman | Kids Health & Wellbeing

When grandchildren are unhappy with their looks, help them to love themselves just the way they are

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Should Your Grandchild Take a Gap Year?

By Justine Ciovacco | Education & School

"Find yourself," may be the best thing you can tell a kid, even thought students who took a year off after high school were once seen as lost.

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Has Your Teen Grandchild Gone Wild?

By Julie D. Andrews | Discipline & Behavior

Teens are natural risk-takers, but their decisions could take them into a danger zone.

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